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Q: What is Outback Wrap?

A: Outback Wrap is used on hydraulic hose to assist people who have to hook up equipment using hydraulics. It is used primarily for farm equipment hooking to tractors. It can also be used on many things that require pipes or hoses to be connected to something else. 

Q: How long will it last?

A: This is dependent on conditions, abuse and weather. Under normal conditions Outback Wrap should last for 10 years or more. 

Q: How hard is it to fit Outback Wrap?

A: Simple! No tools are required to fit Outback Wrap to your hoses. The high density polyethylene is easy to fit by hand in just a few seconds. It is flexible and tends to grip the surface of the hose so always remains in place. Just open out the first coil and loop over the hose, then “roll" the remaining coils onto the hose.


Q: Can I get different colors?

A: No. Outback Wrap uses the standard color system for agricultural tractor hydraulic ports. 

Q: My older tractor only has hoses to the remote connectors at the rear. How do I identify which pair to plug into?
A: Install a set of Outback Wrap identifiers on the hoses just behind the tractor side remote connectors and plug in the implement connectors fitted with another corresponding Outback Wrap number/letter/color combination.
Q: I've had my Outback Wrap for a couple of years and the numbers have come off. What do I do?

A: The numbers and letters on Outback Wrap are lasered on, so they are actually little grooves and they collect dust and oil. You can spray your wrap with brake cleaner (or any solvent) and the numbers will come back!



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