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Hydraulic Hose Markers Outback Wrap 2-Pair

Outback Wrap vs. Zip-Ties

We know that there are farmers everywhere that use zip-ties to mark their hydraulic hoses. But guess why that is…it’s because at one point that was one of the only options. Now, there is something on the market that is specifically designed to help you identify your hydraulic hoses and hook up frustration free, why not be one of the brave ones that steps out of your comfort zone and try something new? 
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COVID-19 Can't Mask the Need for Agriculture

At the beginning of this worldwide pandemic there was a time that the world had come to a complete stop. No working, traveling, school, sports, family vacations, nothing! Grocery shopping felt like a special ops mission. However, one of the things that never stopped was agriculture.
Outback Wrap Celebrates National Farm Safety & Health Week

Outback Wrap Hydraulic Hose Markers: Safety Feature on Farm Equipment

It's National Farm Safety and Health Week! Here at Outback Wrap we talk a lot about how we make “Hooking Up Easy” to ease the frustrations of farmers and producers, but up until now we haven’t really talked about how Outback Wrap can be used as a safety feature on your hydraulic equipment. 
Outback Wrap is designed to reduce the frustrations of hydraulic hose handling and identification.

Hydraulic hose markers will reduce the trips up and down the tractor steps

No more hooking up your hydraulics wrong, no more climbing up and down the tractor steps over and over, no more spilling grain (a.k.a. money) on the ground. Outback Wrap is designed to reduce the frustrations of hydraulic handling and identification.
A combine and a grain cart

No time wait, hydraulic hose markers and Mother Bins make farming more efficient

Some grain carts have up to 8 different hoses, and since we are all in a hurry…no one has time to sit around trying to figure which hose goes to which port. So let Outback Wrap help you hook up your equipment.
Using Outback Wrap on hay baler's hydraulic hoses

Marking hay baler's hydraulic hoses stops game of chance on farms

Hay season is like playing a game of chance, you just never know what is going to happen with the weather and that in itself is stressful and frustrating. So why wouldn’t you make a small investment with Outback Wrap on your farm to help reduce the frustrations you feel during hay season?
A father and son use outback hydraulic hose markers on their tractor

Hydraulic hose systems have advanced since the 1892 Froelich Tractor

Tractors, and their hydraulic hose systems, have come a long way since the 1892 Froelich Tractor. Outback Wrap has patented an innovative way to correctly identify hydraulic hoses and reduce an operators’ frustrations when hooking up. Choosing a product like Outback Wrap hydraulic hose wraps is one way to advance your operation from the way grandpa did it.