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Outback Wrap hydraulic hose markers make it easy to connect farming equipment to tractors. Outback Wrap is a simple hose identification system. The wraps can be used on any hydraulic hose that connects farming equipment using hydraulics. Won't fade or become brittle like other tags or identifiers. Outback Wrap is mostly used in agriculture, but it is also used on other equipment that requires pipes or hoses to connect to something else.

Outback Wrap hydraulic hose markers make it easy to identify hydraulic hoses and connect them to farming equipment. Outback Wrap can be used on any hydraulic hose or on any pipe that connects equipment using hydraulics.

  • Outback Wrap is marked 1-6 and is color coded for easy identification
     1=Green; 2=Blue; 3=Brown; 4=Black; 5=Purple and 6=Grey.
  • A & B is lasered into the wrap to give a left and right, or an above and below indicator when hooking up
  • A & B wraps are cut to different lengths, giving an additional visual aid when looking at hoses
  • Outback Wrap can withstand temperatures to -60 degrees F (-50 degrees C) to 212 degrees F (100 degrees C)
  • Outback Wrap is polyethylene and the color is part of the molding process, so it will not fade or crack.
  • Outback Wrap is not affected by grease, oil or dirt; it can be cleaned with any solvent or soap.
  • No tools required. Easily changed to suit the operator.