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Easily connect farming equipment with Outback Wrap hydraulic hose markers

OBW hydraulic hose markers can be used on any hose or pipe that connects equipment using hydraulics.


Outback Wrap is one size fits all for hydraulic hoses 1/4" to 1 1/2”. No tools required! Can last up to 10 years or more.

Outback Wrap hydraulic hose markers make it easy to connect farming equipment to tractors. Outback Wrap is a simple hose identification system. The wraps can be used on any hydraulic hose that connects farming equipment using hydraulics. Won't fade or become brittle like other tags or identifiers. Outback Wrap is mostly used in agriculture, but it is also used on other equipment that requires pipes or hoses to connect to something else.


I love these Outback Wraps!  The best time to wrap a new implement is when you’re unhooking for the year so next year hooking up is no guessing and way easy!  You guys also sponsor a bad ass podcast! @farm4profit 😊 

Corey Hillebo-Hillebo Family Farms Inc.

Outback Wrap has made hooking and unhooking our 36 row planter a breeze!  Simple, straight forward, color coded design, makes it well worth the investment.

Brad Vaagene

Since I am a sucker for good marketing & zip ties cut up my Twitter fingers, thought I would try out the Outback Wrap. But also their customer service is top notch. Great work!

Nick Ploeg

I recently bought the Outback Wrap for the hoses on my batwing Bush Hog and they work perfect! I will be buying more of these for sure. Great product! I have to give a shoutout to MN Millennial Farmer. I saw these on his YouTube channel.

Chris Anderson

It works great! It's neat, clean, high visibility...I love it.

Brady Schilder

These wraps have taken the guessing out of hooking the hoses on the planter up!

Dylan Melde

Love Outback Wraps, it makes a cluster of hydraulic hose easy to hookup! 

Nick Lisowe

Very simple and easy to read!  We love them!! 

Eric Shelstad

Outback Wrap ends criss-crossed hoses

• Outback Wrap is marked 1-6 and uses the ISO color system for agricultural hydraulics: 1=Green; 2=Blue; 3=Brown; 4=Black; 5=Purple and 6=Grey.
• A & B is lasered into the wrap to give a left and right, or an above and below indicator when hooking up

Pictured is Outback Wrap hose markers on 1/2" Hose



"It works great! It's neat, clean, high visibility...I love it."


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