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Outback Wrap Hydraulic Hose Markers

5 reasons why Outback Wrap is better than those dang zip-ties we hear all about.

Zip It About the Zip-Ties

Look, we get it. We weren’t born yesterday, and we don’t live under a rock. We know that there are farmers everywhere that use zip-ties to mark their hydraulic hoses. But guess why that is…it’s because at one point that was one of the only options. Now, there is something on the market that is specifically designed to help you identify your hydraulic hoses and hook up frustration free, why not be one of the brave ones that steps out of your comfort zone and try something new? Remember a few months ago we posted a blog about leaving some of your dad and grandpas way of doing things in the past; because “if we limit ourselves to not trying things because “that’s not how grandpa did it” then we would still be using a horse and steel plow.

 5 reasons why Outback Wrap is better

In this blog I am going to give you 5 reasons why Outback Wrap is better than those dang zip-ties we hear all about.

1.  Yes—you might be able to buy a pack of zip-ties cheaper than Outback Wrap. However, you get what you pay for! Outback Wrap is a premium product and it won’t break, fall off or need to be replaced. It’s a one-time purchase and you won’t have to keep replacing them. The more you replace your zip-ties the more money you spend and after a while your spending more than what it would cost to purchase a pack of wrap that is designed to last 10+ years.

2.  Outback Wrap is so simple to use, my 8 year old nephew was able to put the wrap on. You don’t have to use any tools. However, if you use zip-ties and you want to clean up the hoses so there aren’t a bunch of zip-tie tails in the way, you’ll have to cut them off and that not only does that require a tool, it also leaves those sharp little ends.

3.  That brings me to my third reason, those sharp little bastards. Anyone tired of cutting up your hands when hooking up your hydraulics? I know plenty of farmers that are. “Well if you don’t cut it off right of course you’re going to cut up your hands”. Well buddy, most the time farmers are in a hurry and they aren’t going to spend extra time to make sure they are cut juuuust right. Outback Wrap is molded from a polyethylene plastic and is smooth, which means no more cutting up your hands and fingers! Plus they are so sleek and simple that it makes the hoses neat and organized and easily accessible without ties or tags in your way.

4.  Outback Wrap can easily be switched to suit the operator. If you like using forward pressure to lift but your dad likes to use back pressure lift then you could end up making a big mistake if you forget to switch them. With Outback Wrap you can look at the hoses and know right away if you need to switch it or if it’s hooked up the way you like it. Or if you want to switch it between equipment on your operation you can, unlike zip-ties, that can only go on one piece of equipment. “That’s dumb, why would you even do that”? Well sir, some farmers like to take the wrap of the baler when they put it away for the season and throw the wraps on the next piece of equipment. 1 pack=multiple uses!

5. ISO color system for agriculture hydraulics. Outback Wrap uses this color system for a reason…sure you can “gEt CoLoRd ZiP-tIeS” but they don’t use the official ISO color system for agriculture hydraulics. In addition to that, zip-ties aren’t clearly labeled. Outback Wrap uses a combination of colors, numbers and letters…it’s fool proof! So now you can feel comfortable sending your hired man or seasonal help out to run your equipment and they know exactly what control is connected to what hose without having to guess what 1 or 2 zip-ties mean and what the difference between the white zip-tie and the blue zip-tie.

 It works! It really really works! 

That’s just 5 reasons why it’s worth a shot to try Outback Wrap. It works! It really really works! We have 80+ implement dealers in 5 countries and we are continuing to expand. We have thousands of customers who have purchased our product and LOVE IT! We understand it’s not a product for everyone, but if you spend $20.00 and decide it’s not what you want (which has yet to happen) then you’re only out $20.00 bucks and I’m sure you’ve spent more money on worse things.

But if you still feel inclined to give us advice how “zip-ties work just as good or better” then we ask you to politely zip it about the zip-ties.

 Outback Wrap Hydraulic Hose Marker Customer Testimonial

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