Hydraulic hose systems have advanced since the 1892 Froelich Tractor

A father and son install outback wrap hydraulic hose markers on their tractor

Tractors, and their hydraulic hose systems, have come a long way since the 1892 Froelich Tractor. Outback Wrap has patented an innovative way to correctly identify hydraulic hoses and reduce an operators’ frustrations when hooking up. Choosing a product like Outback Wrap hydraulic hose markers is one way to advance your operation from the way grandpa did it.

“That’s just how grandpa did it”

Agriculture is a family tradition, from one generation to the next traditions have been passed down and farmers and ranchers value what has been taught to them by the preceding generations.

Growing up on a farm as the daughter of a 4th generation farmer , I get it. I completely understand that my dad does stuff the way my grandpa does stuff because that’s how he was taught by my great grandpa and his dad before. It’s a long line of family tradition; lessons learned, and lessons taught.

However, agriculture is changing. New and innovative technologies and practices are starting to become the “norm”. Equipment is getting bigger and more advanced—more horsepower and capabilities than ever before. The same concept of what my great-great grandpa had yet vastly different. However, so often we hear farmers say, “that’s just how grandpa did it”, when asked why they do things the way they do.

Tractors today have come a long way since the 1892 Froelich Tractor and so have their hydraulic hose systems.

Photo of an 1892 Froelich Tractor

Outback Wrap has patented an innovative way to be able to identify those hydraulic hoses and reduce the frustrations of hooking up. Now I get it; “That’s not how grandpa did it.” But think about it, if we keep on the path of doing everything the way grandpa did it, then we would still be using horses to pull our plows through the fields. At some point in our operations we have to choose a new “norm” to keep up with advancing technologies and inventions.

Choosing a product like Outback Wrap is one way to advance your operation, Outback Wrap hydraulic hose markers make it easy to connect farming equipment to tractors, it is a simple hose identification system.  They won't fade or become brittle like other tags or identifiers. Between their colors, letters and numbers they are universal to any and every tractor.

Now that there is something on the market that will reduce your hydraulic hose frustrations, why not try it?

When it comes to Outback Wrap, we often get told “we don’t need those—we use zip-ties, ear-tags, spray paint, etc.” I want to ask why? Why do you use those things? Well, that question is rhetorical, because I know why. You use those things because that is what your dad and grandpa do… ”it’s just what we do”! Which makes sense, because up until two years ago (2018) Outback Wrap didn’t exist; but now that there is something on the market that will reduce your hydraulic hose frustrations why not try it? If we limit ourselves to trying things because “that’s not how grandpa did it” then we would still be using a horse and steel plow. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, agriculture is changing, winter is coming, and you don’t want to be the farm left in the dust of the ever changing and advancing farming industry. For a small investment you can try something new and, years down the line, when your great-great grandkids use Outback Wrap they’ll say “That’s just how grandpa did it.”

Outback wrap hydraulic hose markers versus zip ties image

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